Football Crazr Tix Only Available Until Oct 18th!

Knights will be selling tickets following all masses through the weekend of September 7-8, 2019. Tickets are also available now in the IHM Parish Rectory.

FundCrazr Tickets: Tickets are based upon the professional football season. Cash prizes are awarded weekly, following the completion of all games for that week (Thursday – Monday). Prizes are determined by the total number of points scored by your unique set of teams for the week.

Duration: The length of the campaign for the 10-week professional football season, which begins on Oct 27, 2019, and concludes on December 29, 2019.

Scoring/Winning: The total number of points scored by each set of teams determines the grand prize winners for each week. In the event of a TIE, prize money is combined and then split between the winning participants. If one of your teams has a BYE or cancellation, the teams’ prior week’s score will be awarded instead.

Ticket Registration: Participants register their tickets by completely filling out the attached ticket stub. Participants hold on to their ticket(s) for the duration of the sweepstakes, and all stubs must be turned into the campaign manager.

Prizes: Weekly Prizes: $2,500: 1st $400, 2nd $250, 3rd $225, 4th $200, 5th $175, 6th $150, 7th $125, 8th $100, 9th $90, 10th $80, 11th $70, 12th $60, 13th $50, 14th $50, 15th $50, 16th $45, 17th $45, 18th $40, 19th $30, Lowest $100 2nd Lowest $75, 3rd Lowest $50, 4th Lowest $40.

How to get Tickets: Tickets are available for purchase through Oct 22. Email or call Mike Kelly at or (330) 289-3999 for more information.

Check Results: By purchasing a FundCrazr ticket, each participant also receives a CrazrSavr Discount Code, which is printed on the ticket. Go to and enter in your Discount Code under “Have a paper ticket?” to check standings. *Use all caps and hyphens! A leaderboard will be posted every Tuesday following the completion of the week.